Tidbits: Vindicated!

I was reading an article posted on Press X or Die recently that discussed difficulty in gaming, much like I did a couple months ago. I found myself grinning and clapping like an idiot because the writer there had the same idea on what differentiates challenge from frustration.

God Hand is a game that loves you. It loves you until you make a mistake, and then it punishes you. But it only does so because it cares for you and wants you to be a better person. Your vision is not obstructed, you are rewarded for playing smart and the difficulty scales based on how well (or bad) you are doing. It is fair. Let me bold that: it is fair. If you fail, you know it is your own fault. It’s not because the game is cruel, it is because you are awful at it. Nobody in their right mind would blame God Hand for their shortcomings.

Go read.


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