Pledges and Affirmations for a Post-Digital Era

Technology is a tool. This is my attempt to not hit myself in the face with the proverbial hammer.

I believe that technology is supplement, not a substitute.

I pledge to be in one world at a time, and in the moment.

I believe that ‘likes’ cannot make you feel loved.

I believe in doing nothing at all sometimes.

I pledge to tell you if something is important to me, not text you (or broadcast it on my Facebook feed).

I believe that newer doesn’t necessarily mean better.

I believe that older doesn’t necessarily mean holistic.

I pledge to not check my phone or email every ten seconds. I expect that you will not ask me to except in emergency.

I believe that technology adds both signal and noise to life.

I believe that just because somebody is connected at all times does not mean that they want to be connected to at all times.

I pledge to enjoy my life as it is without lusting after the next big gadget that solves everything.

I believe that too much information can actually be a bad thing.

I don’t believe in notification windows, bleeps, blips, or bings.

I believe that everything has its place.

Flickr Image by JonJon2k8, Creative Commons License

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