Root is a highly asymmetric woodland strategy game. Play as the invading Marquise de Cat, the once-powerful Eyrie Dynasties, the upstart Woodland Alliance, or the wily Vagabond!

I worked on Root for many months, editing and running usability tests to refine the rules, faction boards, and aid components to make the game easier to learn and more accessible. My usability insights also inspired changes to the design itself.

Awards and Praise

  • BoardGameGeek Game of the Year, Most Innovative Game, Best Thematic Game, Best Artwork and Presentation 
  • SXSW Tabletop Game of the Year
  • Origins Game Fair Game of the Year
  • Dice Tower Seal of Excellence
  • Smithsonian Magazine Top Ten Board Games of 2018
  • Paste Magazine Top Ten Board Games of 2018
  • Polygon Top Ten Board Games of 2018
  • Tantrum House Board Game of the Year
  • So Very Wrong About Games Board Game of the Year
  • Cardboard Republic Striker Laurel
  • A Pawn’s Perspective Platinum Pawn
  • Everyone involved in this production needs to take a bow.” – Shut Up & Sit Down
  • The rulebook is incredible. Carefully, carefully constructed. … Very concise. Beautifully put together. Exceptional.” – Blue Peg, Pink Peg
  • The rulebook…wow, it’s one of the best I’ve seen. The editor, Joshua Yearsley, did a great job.” – Hands On Board Games
  • Great rules. Well put together. … The faction boards are a marvel of clarity and illustration. I think the development here really understood what information they needed to present and how.” – So Very Wrong About Games
  • The player boards are really helpful and really well designed.  … I think they’re fantastic. … I have nothing but positive things to say about them. High marks on that—very well done.” – Heavy Cardboard
  • “It’s a really well put-together package.” – Tom Vasel
  • “It’s so approachable, easy to learn, and a ton of fun.” – The Secret Cabal
  • Root is very easy to learn or teach, and to play. … I’m very impressed with the effort that has gone into ensuring that everything about the rules of this game are as clear as possible.” – The Board Game Detective